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Move Your Business Forward by Helping Every Customer

By Offering All Customers Payment Plans Regardless of Credit

Offer payment plans at point of sale that is simple, fast , and as easy as a card transaction.

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Sub Prime Contractor Loan NC

Looking for a Sub Prime Contractor Loan in North Carolina? Look no further than Zip-Loan. Our tailored financing solutions are designed to assist subprime contractors in North Carolina with obtaining the funding they need. Whether you require capital for equipment, materials, or other business expenses, our loan programs can help. Say goodbye to traditional financing obstacles and take your contracting business to new heights.

Home Improvement Financing MI

When it comes to home improvement financing in Michigan, Zip-Loan is your trusted partner. We offer flexible loan options tailored specifically for your home renovation projects. Whether you're planning a kitchen remodel, bathroom upgrade, or any other home improvement, our financing solutions can help bring your vision to life. With Zip-Loan, you can easily access the funds you need to enhance the value and comfort of your Michigan home. Contact us today to explore our home improvement financing options in Michigan.

Roofer Lender Detroit

Zip Loan is a great option for roofers in Detroit who need financial assistance but don't have a good credit score. With Zip Loan, you can take out a loan and pay it back with a manageable payment plan that fits within your budget. As the best lender in Detroit, you can trust us to provide you with the funds needed to get your job done right. We offer fast and easy funding so you can focus on getting the job done without worry about financing.

Dentist Financing Charlotte

Zip Loan offers dentist financing to residents of Charlotte, North Carolina. With Zip Loan, customers can get loans that come with flexible payment plans regardless of their credit score. From cash advances and emergency expenses to equipment and supplies for the dental practice, Zip Loan makes it easy for dentists in Charlotte to get the funds they need with no hassle.

Contractor Financing Charlotte

Zip Loan is the perfect solution for contractors in Charlotte who need financing but have less than perfect credit. Our loans come with flexible payment plans so you can pay back your loan over time - without worrying about being denied due to a low credit score. When you work with Zip Loan, we’ll tailor our loan package to meet your needs and help make sure that you get the best possible solutions for your situation.

Auto Repair Financing Charlotte

At Zip Loan, we understand that life can get expensive at times. That's why we offer auto repair financing in Charlotte so you can keep your car running smoothly without breaking the bank. Our loans feature flexible payment plans and don't require a perfect credit score, making them ideal for people who need assistance managing their finances while taking care of their vehicle.

Jewelry Store Financing Detroit

Zip Loan offers convenient jewelry store financing in Detroit. Our loans come with flexible payment plans, no matter what your credit score is—allowing you to purchase the jewelry you love. Paying for costly items can be difficult, but Zip Loan makes it easy and affordable to get the items you want now. Our simple application process means you can apply anytime from anywhere, so don't let a limited budget stop you from achieving your dreams.

Home Improvement Customer Financing MI

Zip Loan offers customers flexible financing options for home improvement projects. They provide personal loans that are tailored to fit individual budgets, allowing customers to pay over several months with no hidden fees or prepayment penalties. With competitive rates and fast approvals, Zip Loan makes it easy to complete home improvement projects without breaking the bank.

offer Home improvement financing to credit challenged customer

Zip Loan offers a unique loan solution for credit-challenged customers looking to make home improvements. We understand that life doesn't always go according to plan and that sometimes our credit score isn't up to par. That's why we offer special financing options with reasonable payment plans regardless of your credit history. Our goal is to help you and your family create the home of your dreams without having to worry about an unforgiving loan process or stringent qualification requirements.

Powersports Financing NC

Zip Loan offers flexible and convenient powersports financing in North Carolina, regardless of your credit. With quick approval times and a broad range of loan options, you can be sure that Zip Loan has the perfect solution for your budget. No matter if you’re looking to buy a new motorcycle or an ATV for off-roading, Zip Loan will work with you to find a loan option that meets your needs while keeping your payments manageable.

Offer Financing to customers Detroit

Zip Loan is the perfect solution for customers in Detroit who are looking for financing without relying on their credit score. Our loans come with flexible payment plans that make it easier to manage your finances and stay financially healthy. We understand that everyone's financial situation is different, so we offer customized loan solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs. With Zip Loan, you can get access to funds quickly and easily without worrying about your past credit history.

Offer Financing to customers Charlotte

Zip Loan is the perfect solution for customers in Charlotte who need financing but don’t have good credit. We offer payment plans that are tailored to fit individual needs, with no credit check required. Whether you’re looking to finance a car purchase or cover unexpected expenses, Zip Loan can help. Our team of loan experts will work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget and timeline, so you can get the financial support you need—without any stress or hassle.

Detroit Car Shop Payments Plans for Customers

Zip Loan makes it easy for those living in Detroit to purchase a car with payment plans, regardless of their credit score. Whether you're looking for a new or used vehicle, Zip Loan has the perfect solution for your automotive needs. With our Detroit Car Shop Payments Plan options, customers can select the plan that works best for their budget and lifestyle. We provide low interest rates and flexible repayment terms so that car buyers can get the car they want at a price they can afford.

Home Improvement lending Detroit

Zip Loan offers home improvement lending in Detroit tailored to individuals with credit challenges. Our flexible loan terms make it possible for anyone to access the funds they need to make essential repairs and upgrades. Whether you're looking to repair a leaking roof, upgrade your kitchen appliances, or refurnish your living room – Zip Loan has you covered.

Offer all credit types furniture financing

Zip Loan offers furniture financing to customers of all credit types. Our loan plans are designed to fit any budget and our payment terms are flexible so that you can choose the best options for your financial situation. We understand how important it is to own furniture that meets your needs, and we want to help make this possible. With Zip Loan's easy application process, getting approved is straightforward, regardless of your credit score.

Offer No Credit needed Home Improvement loans NC

Zip Loan is proudly offering no credit needed home improvement loans to customers in North Carolina. With payment plans that fit any budget, you can get the money you need to improve your home without having to worry about pesky credit checks. Zip Loan strives to make the loan process easy and convenient so you can get started on your projects right away. So whether you're looking into a kitchen remodel or a bathroom renovation, Zip Loan has got you covered with quick and easy financing solutions.

Offer Poor Credit Customer Financing

Zip Loan offers a lending solution that even those with poor credit can take advantage of. Our loans are designed to meet the needs of customers, no matter their credit score. We understand that not everyone has perfect financial health and therefore provide flexible payment plans that can be tailored to your situation. No one should be excluded from receiving financing because of a less than perfect credit score - and that's why Zip Loan is here to offer poor credit customer financing!

Offer Financing To Customers For Construction

Do you want to offer financing to customers for construction projects? With Zip-Loan, you can! Zip-Loan's revolutionary platform is designed to help small businesses offer loans to customers without taking on any risk. And thanks to competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms, you can offer your customers the perfect financing solution for their construction needs.

3rd Party Financing Companies

With Zip-Loan, finding reliable 3rd party financing companies is a breeze. Their platform quickly and securely connects merchants with certified 3rd party lenders so you can trust that your customers will receive the services they need. Plus, the entire process is backed by financial experts for additional peace of mind. Get access to trusted 3rd party financing companies with Zip-Loan today!

Auto Repair Financing

Zip-Loan makes it easy and convenient to access auto repair financing quickly. Their platform ensures fast processing, so customers can start repairs without waiting around for approval. Plus, their low interest rates and flexible repayment plans make sure that everyone can get the repairs they need without breaking the bank. Don't let expensive auto costs stop you from getting back on the road - access financing through Zip-Loan today!

No Credit Check Consumer Financing For Merchants

Zip-Loan proudly offers no credit check customer financing for merchants. With their secure platform and fast processing, you can be sure that your customers will have access to the funds they need with minimal hassle. Plus, their low interest rates and flexible repayment plans make it easy to provide a great financing option with no credit check in place. Give your customers reliable options with Zip-Loan's no credit check consumer financing services!

Best Third Party Financing For My Customers

I was searching for the best third party financing for my customers and found it with Zip-Loan. With flexible repayment plans, fast and secure application processing, and a customer-first approach, your customers can experience the best in financing services. No matter what type of financing you need, Zip-Loan has you covered with their comprehensive range of solutions. Give your customers access to industry leading services and make sure they get the money they need when it counts!

Third Party Financing For My Customers

Zip-Loan was the ideal solution for third party financing for my customers. Their platform makes it simple to customize repayment plans and quickly approve applications. Plus, their secure and hassle-free process ensures that customers can access the funds they need in no time. Give your customers access to the best services in the industry when it comes to third party financing with Zip-Loan!

Third Party Financing Companies

When you're looking for third party financing companies, Zip-Loan is the best option. Your customers will have access to the best funding available thanks to Zip-unmatched Loan's customer care and simple application processing. Additionally, with their numerous options and assistance, obtaining the finance you require is simple and hassle-free. Make Zip-Loan your first choice for obtaining loans from a third party!

How To Offer In House Financing

Find out how to offer in house financing to your clients or customers by calling an agent from Zip-Loan. With Zip-Loan, offering in house financing has never been easier. Their platform provides simple, tailored solutions to make the process as stress-free as possible. Plus, customers can be confident that their applications will be quickly and securely approved so they can access the funds they need right away. Give your customers the best with in house financing services from Zip-Loan!

Best Customer Financing For Contractors

Get the best customer financing for contractors with Zip-Loan! With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans, Zip-Loan makes it easy to provide your customers with the perfect financial solution. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that your customer's loan will be disbursed quickly and that they have access to 24/7 customer service. Sign up today and start offering your customers the best financing solutions for their contractor needs - with Zip-Loan!

Best Customer Financing Programs

You can offer the best customer financing programs with Zip-Loan! Zip-Loan's customer finance programs offer competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, fast disbursements, and 24/7 customer service. Every loan program is easy to set up, saving both you and your customers time and hassle. Invest in Zip-Loan today and provide your customers with the best financing programs available - guaranteed!

How To Offer Financing To My Customers Construction

Find out how to offer financing to my customers in construction by calling our team today. Zip-Loan's customer finance programs are designed to make it easy for you and your customers. Their fast and streamlined approval process makes getting the financing you need simple, and their competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans make sure everyone is happy with the loan agreement. Make the most of Zip-Loan today, and provide them with the means to finance their construction projects - quickly, easily, and affordably.

Offer My Customers Financing

How can I offer my customers financing? Zip-Loan can make it happen! With their customer-oriented loan products and streamlined approval process, you'll be able to give customers the financial solutions they need quickly and affordably. All you have to do is sign up for Zip-Loan's services and you're ready to go. Your customers will be grateful for the opportunity to get financing when they need it, so start offering today with Zip-Loan!

Customer Financing Companies

As you compare customer financing companies, look no further than Zip-Loan! They offer a convenient and streamlined platform where you can easily customize repayment plans for your customers. Their fast processing times mean that you can provide your clients with the finances they need quickly and painlessly. Get started today with Zip-Loan and explore all the advantages of customer financing companies now!
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First Look Solutions

Zip Loan has formed partnerships with leading financial institutions and lenders for the sole purpose of creating an integrated first look experience. Consumers can see all their options in one location, which makes them more inclined to buy.

Application Process

APIs support the application, credit rating, pre-approval, and final offer for a smooth process from start to finish. Each financial provider has a tailored workflow to its algorithms and necessary functionality. These APIs handle special requirements seamlessly and speed them up.

This modular solution supports pre-approval concepts, promotional payment programs, and joint application processing.


This module supports both online and storefront transactions, pending the approval of third-party partners. With practical features like same-day voiding, partial or full post return, and support for on-site facilities, the first look module is a sensible choice.

Reports and Inquiries

Businesses need to know their revenue figures, so this modular software makes it easy. Companies can quickly check daily transactions reports, merchant reporting, individual transaction reviews, individual account settlement status, and merchant-wide settlement reports.

Customers can also verify their accounts and track their payments.


The solution modules are designed so they can work independently or within an existing customer system. The modular payment solution integrates with the most popular software easily, or the development team can build a custom bridge.

Zip Loan offers full look customization. Clients can choose to use the existing clean interface or create their own to match the rest of their process. Zip Loan offers workflow optimization and assistance.

Second Look Solutions

Second look solutions often require multi-level or multi-partner financing options. Zip Loan facilitates that through the second look module for consumers who are typically considered sub-prime borrowers. The process matches the first look module, and the two integrate seamlessly for a better customer experience when deployed together.

Application Process

Functional APIs allow quick processing for application, credit rating, pre-approval, and final offer for each financial institution. The API expedites special requests and manages the process flow based on what information the consumer provides.

Joint application processing, pre-approval concepts, and promotional payment options are available with this module.


Businesses need to know their revenue figures, so this modular software makes it easy. Companies can quickly check daily transactions reports, merchant reporting, individual transaction reviews, individual account settlement status, and merchant-wide settlement reports.

Customers can also verify their accounts and track their payments.

Reports and Inquiries

All modules include in-depth reporting so partner companies can better manage their revenue stream. Available reports include individual transaction review, individual account settlement status, merchant
reporting, daily transactions report, and merchant-wide settlement reports.

Customers can also verify their own accounts and perform specific actions.

Third Look and Merchant Payment Plans

Payment plans may seem newer, but the practice is a well-recognized payment method with decades of history. At Zip Loan, we’ve been providing payment plan solutions for years to helps businesses gain customers, even those without excellent credit.

Zip Loan provides an end-to-end solution for every client. This model uses advanced origination modules and comprehensive software solutions for every eventuality. As with first look and second look modules, this software can be used alone or as a modular waterfall solution.

How It Works

The third look and merchant backed plan module can be implemented alone or with partner workflows for a seamless experience. The APIs handle all the origination and underwriting mechanisms as well as the payment plan execution.

This modular payment solution includes four potential mechanisms for ease of use:

This module uses a proprietary software solution for underwriting criteria that companies can customize using a rules system. Companies can specify each aspect of the payment terms based on their clients’ risk factors when filling out their profile. The platform has an API for credit risk factors and can check credit scores.

The interface for consumers is straightforward and simple to operate. Changes companies make to criteria are reflected immediately, and users are not notified when a company changes its rules. Instead, the consumer sees different offers at the next search.


The module platform creates the necessary legal documentation based on the merchant inputs. The platform includes a signature pad for ease of use and email status updates on the customer’s requests. For the consumer, the straightforward workflow looks like this:

Recurring Billing

Once the consumer signs the documents, the recurring billing system handles all payment management. There’s no need for the company to chase the consumer. If necessary, the collections module handles any missed payments.

Additional Key Module Features

All modules include:

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