Why Financing

Without alternative financing options many customers abandon purchase and retailers let millions of dollars in revenue walk out the door.


Sales persons have many excuses and reasons “why customers don’t buy”. Research by experts in retail sales however have honed down the primary reasons consumers don’t buy. Although, there are many variations of the “Big Three” below over 85% of lost sales opportunities can be linked or attributed to some variation of these “Big Three” depending on the industry.

1.      Affordability. Most people don’t go shopping without some expectation of spending money. Retailers must realize that more important to the consumer is “affordability”. If a shopper spots an item that is tagged with a as low as “$39/mo” rather than $1995.00 on sale for $1475.00! A shopper is 3 times as likely to buy, if they like this item AND see how easy it is to afford! Remember for purchases > $500, over 70% of consumers prefer “terms” to price!

2.      Value. If a consumer doesn’t see the value of “buying today” they often make excuses such as “I’ll be back on payday” or “when I get my tax refund”. Usually because they are too polite to say, “I don’t think this is something that I like enough to afford it”. Or “I’m going to shop on line or at your competitor”. It is imperative to give the consumer a “reason to buy today”. A sale or promo such as “6 mo same as cash” is usually enough to get to the next step in the sales process.

3.      They don’t trust the merchant or the price. Often the consumer fears making a decision. If he has never dealt with you before, he has to decide whether to trust the merchant as well his pricing and return policy. Financing creates trust in the merchant’s ability to do as he promises. It also creates “Customer Loyalty”. Imagine the lifetime value of a good customer that knows he can finance goods/services at your store!