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Jewelry and Bridal Financing

Bad Credit Engagement Ring & Jewelry Financing

How to finance jewelry with bad credit?

There are several ways to get your Jewelry and Bridal financing process done, especially if you have bad credit. These three ways cited below, however, are amongst the several other options:

  • Jewelry and Bridal financing mean that you are going to go through heavy investment and if you have bad credit, traditional banking system would never provide loans that are unsecured.
  • There are options involving establishments like Ziploan which provide you this specific loan even without a credit history. This will also help you establish new credit score from scratch. However, credit card options are often opted by people but that is highly likely to have major risks. If you are to go for credit cards then be ready for the associated risks.
  • Personal loans are also an option which can be tried. But they are mostly designed for long term purchases which would be paid overtime and with lower interest rates. Installment loans are often vouched for when it comes to such occasions. The loan opted will give you easily accessible cash which can be large amounts given the kind of jewelry you are buying. Personal loans are also available at Zip loan.
What is Jewelry financing?

Jewelry and Bridal financing services are one of the highly sought-after financial assistances at Ziploan. There are promotional periods and offers which give you a fixed time to get your repayments in, before they start incurring the interests. There are special terms which may apply depending on the kind of item you are purchasing. There specific rates & provisions for people who are looking for long drawn installment plans which obviously will incur interests but given the time period, it is justifiable. But with the promotional period option, it usually fixates on time of two to six months depending on the kind of loan you are opting for. There will be zero interest against that kind of option. The options are as follows:

    1. No interest if paid within 12 months
    2. No interest if paid within 6 months
    3. Quarterly payment with interest
    4. An annual payment with interest
    5. 36-month payment with interest
    6. 48-months payment with interest
    7. 60-month payment with interest
Engagement Ring financing?

An engagement ring always seems to be an expensive venture but getting married is too. Well, with Jewelry and Bridal financing services, the expenses can be a bit diluted given that you get easy and accessible capital from finance companies like Ziploan. There is no wager against the emotions of getting the best engagement ring for your partner. Amongst the several options that are available, a low-interest option will surely invigorate your enthusiasm where you can have 18 months repayment option before the interests start kicking in. You can get such financing through Jewelry and Bridal financing services. As opposed to such convenient options, there are personal loans which can be used to your own discretion but an offer like this is surely unavoidable.