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Massachusetts new car lemon law

Massachusetts new car lemon law

The Massachusetts new car lemon law keeps you on the road without fear of reprisal. If your car is constantly in the shop, our team of experts is ready to help.  At the law offices of Allen Stewart, we get our clients back to their everyday life.

What is a lemon law?

Caveat emptor is sometimes a major concern for everyone. This is particularly true in the sale of motor vehicles. A defect can have consequences for everyone on the road.

Cars that lose power steering, used vehicles that create multi-car crashes, and defective airbags pose the risk of serious injury. The state enacts regulations to protect consumers and penalize sellers for intentionally or even unknowingly selling defective cars and trucks. The resulting laws are known as lemon laws.

What does the state of Massachusetts consider a lemon?

The state of Massachusetts Lemon Aid Law is both stricter and more relaxed than that of other states. Where Wisconsin considers a vehicle within one year of purchase, this state grants only a seven-day period in which to discover a defect.

Any car or truck that fails inspection within seven days of purchase with a repair costing more than ten percent of the purchase price is a lemon. This law applies to private parties and dealerships. The law requires dealers to display your Lemon Aid rights with a sticker on the left front window of any used car at the time of delivery.

Is my car truly defective?

Inspections are the main consideration in the state of Massachusetts. Information from multiple repairs is not a factor in considering a violation.

Cars that do not run are immediately considered defective. Inspectors may also fail a vehicle for improper repairs, emissions, dangerous protrusions, or any number of related issues. It is worth your time to study inspection requirements. Still, issues are not always apparent on new cars.

Schedule an inspection immediately

In order to protect yourself, immediately schedule an appointment with a source you trust. Never let the dealership perform any tests for you. A complete and thorough examination by an unbiased third party prior to sale is the best path forward.

You have seven days from the time of sale to obtain an inspection. While you can wait, you are responsible if your vehicle fails to pass after this time.

Can I receive compensation for my defective vehicle?

In the case that your car fails to pass inspection, you can obtain compensation. If this happens, obtain a letter from an authorized inspection station and an estimate of the cost.

This is the point where your attorney comes in. We help you to resolve the issue and obtain the best outcome. You are entitled to void a contract after notifying the seller. A lawyer should always draft any form of communication as we know how to quickly and effectively obtain reparations.

Massachusetts new car lemon law attorney

When your new vehicle fails inspection due to a reason other than negligence or abuse, we can help. Get in touch with the law offices of Allen Stewart today.


Massachusetts new car lemon law
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Massachusetts new car lemon law Massachusetts new car lemon law

First Look Solutions

Zip Loan has formed partnerships with leading financial institutions and lenders for the sole purpose of creating an integrated first look experience. Consumers can see all their options in one location, which makes them more inclined to buy.

Application Process

APIs support the application, credit rating, pre-approval, and final offer for a smooth process from start to finish. Each financial provider has a tailored workflow to its algorithms and necessary functionality. These APIs handle special requirements seamlessly and speed them up.

This modular solution supports pre-approval concepts, promotional payment programs, and joint application processing.


This module supports both online and storefront transactions, pending the approval of third-party partners. With practical features like same-day voiding, partial or full post return, and support for on-site facilities, the first look module is a sensible choice.

Reports and Inquiries

Businesses need to know their revenue figures, so this modular software makes it easy. Companies can quickly check daily transactions reports, merchant reporting, individual transaction reviews, individual account settlement status, and merchant-wide settlement reports.

Customers can also verify their accounts and track their payments.


The solution modules are designed so they can work independently or within an existing customer system. The modular payment solution integrates with the most popular software easily, or the development team can build a custom bridge.

Zip Loan offers full look customization. Clients can choose to use the existing clean interface or create their own to match the rest of their process. Zip Loan offers workflow optimization and assistance.

Second Look Solutions

Second look solutions often require multi-level or multi-partner financing options. Zip Loan facilitates that through the second look module for consumers who are typically considered sub-prime borrowers. The process matches the first look module, and the two integrate seamlessly for a better customer experience when deployed together.

Application Process

Functional APIs allow quick processing for application, credit rating, pre-approval, and final offer for each financial institution. The API expedites special requests and manages the process flow based on what information the consumer provides.

Joint application processing, pre-approval concepts, and promotional payment options are available with this module.


Businesses need to know their revenue figures, so this modular software makes it easy. Companies can quickly check daily transactions reports, merchant reporting, individual transaction reviews, individual account settlement status, and merchant-wide settlement reports.

Customers can also verify their accounts and track their payments.

Reports and Inquiries

All modules include in-depth reporting so partner companies can better manage their revenue stream. Available reports include individual transaction review, individual account settlement status, merchant
reporting, daily transactions report, and merchant-wide settlement reports.

Customers can also verify their own accounts and perform specific actions.

Third Look and Merchant Payment Plans

Payment plans may seem newer, but the practice is a well-recognized payment method with decades of history. At Zip Loan, we’ve been providing payment plan solutions for years to helps businesses gain customers, even those without excellent credit.

Zip Loan provides an end-to-end solution for every client. This model uses advanced origination modules and comprehensive software solutions for every eventuality. As with first look and second look modules, this software can be used alone or as a modular waterfall solution.

How It Works

The third look and merchant backed plan module can be implemented alone or with partner workflows for a seamless experience. The APIs handle all the origination and underwriting mechanisms as well as the payment plan execution.

This modular payment solution includes four potential mechanisms for ease of use:

This module uses a proprietary software solution for underwriting criteria that companies can customize using a rules system. Companies can specify each aspect of the payment terms based on their clients’ risk factors when filling out their profile. The platform has an API for credit risk factors and can check credit scores.

The interface for consumers is straightforward and simple to operate. Changes companies make to criteria are reflected immediately, and users are not notified when a company changes its rules. Instead, the consumer sees different offers at the next search.


The module platform creates the necessary legal documentation based on the merchant inputs. The platform includes a signature pad for ease of use and email status updates on the customer’s requests. For the consumer, the straightforward workflow looks like this:

Recurring Billing

Once the consumer signs the documents, the recurring billing system handles all payment management. There’s no need for the company to chase the consumer. If necessary, the collections module handles any missed payments.

Additional Key Module Features

All modules include:

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