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Finance – Columbia SC

Business owners find it difficult to have assistance over their finances while simultaneously being in charge of their business. However, Zip Loan being one of the sought-after Finance companies in Columbia SC, goes beyond the traditional thresholds of financing, offering assistance beyond that. The traditional banks being tight with their regulations, there is a serious lack of convenience in the industry for small-scale businesses.

This has led to the emergence of fraudulent alternative lenders which affects the overall growth of these start-ups and small companies. But if you, as a business owner is looking for a credible venue for such financial assistance, then Zip Loan can be that credible choice, being one of the best Finance companies in Columbia SC. We are going to help you at every step of the way, right from buying new equipment to even commercial property finances.

Being one of the most experienced Finance companies in Columbia SC, Zip Loan understands the requirements you, as a business owner might have. It will essentially be helping you in saving a lot of your effort, time and even grueling paper works. Our work doesn’t stop there since we work closely with our investors. If you are looking for equity investment, then we can assist you there as well. We have innovative ways of getting all our messages across our clients, creating a vast network of accessibility and convenience.

Our Core Finance Services

At Zip Loan, unlike other Finance companies in Columbia SC, we provide unmatched services pertaining to finances. Our specialization lies in the fields of commercial and re-structuring of finances in the following sectors:

  • Turnaround CVAs & Finance
  • Property Development Finance
  • Management Support Services
  • Equity Investment
  • Commercial Loans
  • Cash Flow Structure
  • Business Planning & Plan writing
  • Asset Finance

Why work with us

  • In a world which is unabashedly fast-paced, time is of the essence, which is why timely fund access can unlock new possibilities for your business. So, as one of the established Finance companies in Columbia SC, we assess the requirements within a given time frame, calculating the creditworthiness followed by a loan being processed within three working days.
  • There won’t be any waiting in queues for you, and neither would you have to make multiple visits to the bank. There will be quick access to your finances, enjoyed at the convenience of your home. All you need is a working internet connection or your mobile device at your disposal to be able to apply for your loan anytime.
  • The plans are collateral-free which means that unlike other term finances, you would not be required to pledge any of your business or personal assets to secure this loan. You would just be eligible as long as we are being provided with all your relevant documentation. They can also be digitally uploaded while you are applying for the loan.
  • We charge a standard fee for processing everything. There aren’t any pre-emptive hidden charges associated with our policies.
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