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5 Ways To Increase Sales and Make More Money

5 WAYS TO ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS—AND MAKE MORE MONEY In conversations with hundreds of retailers every month, and one topic emerges in nearly every conversation: too many customers leave the store empty-handed because they didn’t qualify for credit. The retail business—a nearly $6 trillion per year market in the U.S. has plenty of opportunities. Here’s the opportunity many merchants miss:   OFFERING ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT OPTIONS. […]

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Saving The Sale

Save the Sale Using Nonprime Financing Solutions Even though the economy is slowly improving all the time a lot of consumers are still a little too strapped for cash. The unemployment rate reached its lowest point for nearly eight years as it was down to 4.9%, and it hasn’t been lower than 5% since March […]

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How Do I Increase Retail Sales

​You could say that retail stores have a finite number of customers. Realistically a store can only be visited by so many people that day. Marketing can definitely bring in more people but you should focus more on just doing that. In fact you’re making a very big mistake if your sole focus is to […]

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