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Who we are

We’re the connection between business and banking that used to be provided by the local community bank. The experts at Zip Loan have over 75 years of banking and lending experience. ZipLoan has the experience, knowledge, and capital to help take your business to the next level.

Through our extensive network of lenders in multiple sectors we can provide capital for all types of needs.

Real Estate-SBA Loans- Working Capital- A/R Financing- Invoice & P.O. Factoring & Financing- Inventory Loans- Equipment Financing Zip Loans acclaimed consumer loan platform Zip-Loan™ provides instant approvals across the credit spectrum to help businesses increase their sales without credit risk while offering promotions that help increase customer conversion rates and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Our extensive network of capital providers includes banks, credit unions, private capital, hedge funds, and investment bankers; and our team includes credentialed commercial loan experts, equipment finance and payment professionals with over 75 years of experience, plus the best advisory board in the industry with help from QueensGiant Investment Bankers and Goldman Legal Advisors to solve almost any worthwhile capital need.

Once capital and strategy are in place, our close relationship with a full-service advertising agency (www.consolcompanies) can help scale both online and offline businesses to new heights by providing a unique understanding of how to bring both capital and customers to all types of businesses. We can’t solve all the problems a business encounters, but we can help by providing the fuel that helps business grow—-CAPITAL.

Where Did My Friendly Banker Go?

Not that long ago…business owners could rely on their community banker to help them solve any type of cash crisis for their business or provide easy payment terms to their customers for major purchases. Since the “financial crises of 2008”, the increased government regulations have made it almost impossible for community banks to focus on anything but the usual auto loans, HELOCs, mortgages, and bankcards most of which are “private labeled’ with one of the large mega banks.
Commercial loans today are now filled with multiple covenants and reporting requirements.

The days of old-fashioned hand shake banking are a mere memory.

By using the latest technology, Zip Loan can provide financial solutions for just about any capital need:

▪ SBA Loans, ▪ Commercial Real Estate Loans, ▪ Working Capital, ▪ Inventory Financing ▪ Account Receivable Financing ▪ Purchase Order funding ▪ Equipment Financing ▪ Marketplace Lending


No, we’re not a bank, not a lender We’re a Fin-tech!

Fin-tech is the Technologies for banking & corporate finance, capital markets, financial data analytics, payments, & personal financial management

The technologies that have impacted every facet of our lives transforming snail-mail to email, taxis to Uber, video rentals to Netflix, has brought marketplace competition to financial services.

The increased efficiencies, competition, and transparency has resulted in less costly, faster, innovative & superior financial products than previously ever imagined.
Fin-tech lenders provided more consumer loans than banks or credit unions last year!

Business loans and Capital Raises

Fin-tech Marketplace Lending has led to:

– More generous approvals
– Faster decisions
– Streamlined paperwork
– Flexible repayment terms
– Creative Lending
– Multiple offers

Business Financing Guide

    Zip Loan is a leading provider in retail consumer financing, offering a wide variety of flexible payment plans for our members. In addition to providing installment and lease credit, and private label revolving credit Zip Loan offers a diversity of credit promotions, thanks to our network of financing companies.


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